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2019 - 2020 SEASON

September 5 -29: Susan Fraser-Hughes October 3 - 20: Leah Price
November 8 - December 15: Elana Sigal December 5 - 15: Martine Gourbault
February 17 - March 9: Sabine Simons March 27 - April 19: Jodie Blaney
May 2 - 23: Beth Stewart June:
July - August:

Aberthau Potters

Aberthau Potters is a diverse group of people drawn together in their curiosity about clay, be it through hand-building, wheel-throwing or sculpture. Formed in 1974, the history of Aberthau Potters is intertwined with Aberthau Mansion and the founding of the West Point Grey Community Centre. On the 30th Anniversary of the Club its history was documented by then President Suzanne Starr and long-time member Maria Tomsich.

Today the thriving potters club has over 50 members and associates sharing ideas, techniques and studio space. The club organizes workshops and other learning opportunities for its members, maintains a resource library and offers two public sales per year. The Club is a registered BC Society and operates in association with the West Point Grey Community Centre.

Seascape 1 & Seascape 2
2' x 2' landscape drawings, framed and behind glass

September 5 - 29

Susan Fraser-Hughes - Artist

Susan Fraser-Hughes grew up in Perth, Western Australia. In 1996, she moved to Calgary, and in 2011, to Vancouver, where she has been living and working ever since. Susan holds a BFA as well as an MFA, and most recently completed a PhD in Fine Arts.

October 3 - 20

Leah Price - Fabric Artist

Inspired by the constraints and freedom of using discard as her sole raw material, Master Recycler Leah Price embraces the challenge to make "something" out of "nothing". Couture sewing techniques transform unwanted and maligned polyester double-knit and other unfortunate vintage textiles into beautiful - and often humorous - colourful and texture-rich canvasses, sparking a dialogue around sustainability, connection and sense of place, and inviting a new appreciation for the potential inherent in the unwanted.

A graduate of the Vancouver Master Recycler program, Leah holds a Bachelor of Education from UBC, a Fashion Arts certificate from VCC, and the privilege of many years training under couturier, Blossom Jenab.

November 8 - December 15

Elana Sigal - Felt Wall Art & Photography

Elana Sigal was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. She attended The University of British Columbia , Ryerson University and The University of Toronto receiving her BFA from The University of Toronto. Elana is currently a partner at Arts Off Main Gallery in Vancouver.

Elana has been designing and producing hand-felted artworks since 1992. Her work displays a level of sophistication and an original, unique interpretation of fibre art. Her work is very organic in nature and embodies her love of colour, figure, line, texture and abstract form. She expresses herself through her art in a casual and whimsical manner bringing the viewer a sense of ease, contentment and joy. Her inspiration comes from the historic and tribal process of felt making as well as from African art, Matisse and Klee. Marrying her modern sensibility with the ancient form of felt making she creates art pieces which connect us with the natural world. More recently, Elana has been inspired by photography and is producing intricate photographs utilizing images of her felted pieces with transparent overlays of other photographic images she has taken showcasing Vancouver's natural beauty.
December 5 - 15

Martine Gourbault - Dollmaker

Martine Gourbault was born in Paris and has enjoyed the charmed life of an artist in Toronto, New York and London. Her career has taken her from magazine and advertising design, through to children's book illustration and painting. Having been taught to sew by her mother in her early years, and in search of three dimensional artistic expression, Martine took up doll making a few years ago and enjoys its pleasures and challenges to this day.

To view Martine's gallery, please visit her website at:

February 17 - March 9

Sabine Simons - Painter

Sabine Simons was born near Leipzig, Germany. She has been calling Vancouver, BC her home since 1982. While she is primarily self-taught, Sabine has continually taken advantage of the many art-related resources available in the community. She works primarily in acrylics but has also explored encaustic painting as well as printmaking. Her main interest is in abstract painting through experimentation with a variety of media, paints, textures and colour.

"I work mostly in acrylic, for it allows me to work quickly and intuitively. How the work will unfold is not always immediately apparent. Applying many layers, scraping back, revealing previous layers, and occasionally employing other materials such as inks, pens, and pastels provides me with opportunities to create pieces that contain both static and dynamic elements."

February - March

March 27 - April 19

Jodie Blaney - Artist

Canadian landscape artist Jodie Blaney is an Active Member with the Federation of Canadian Artists and received visual arts training from Emily Carr University of Art & Design. Over the past decade, Jodieís unique painting style has won praise from art lovers who are drawn to her vibrant colours, rhythmical compositions and strong forms. Artistic influences include Canadian artists Lawren Harris, A. J. Casson and Emily Carr, and Cubist expressionism as reflected in the works of Picasso, Cezanne and Braque. Jodie was recognized as a ìTop Artist to Watch 2018î in the Summer issue of ArtTour International magazine. Her work is collected in Canada and abroad and sheís completed many private commissions. Jodie is a self-representing artist and paints from her home studio and gallery in Ladner, BC. Visitors welcome by appointment.

Artist Statement:
"I seek to move beyond realism when I capture my subjects. My work is highly stylized and whimsical, featuring bold colours and strong forms, and I draw largely on memory and imagination to freely express myself. In the studio, I seek to find the balance between energy and movement, stillness and quiet. In nature, I see these elements as ever-present. Creating tension and drama in each work is important. Tightly controlled compositions give way to energetic, ordered chaos, creating harmony and balance."

May 2 - 23

Beth Stewart - Painter

I am an abstract expressionist artist living in Vancouver on unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations with my three sons. I began abstract painting in 2013. Earlier in life, my art involved murals, stylized ink illustrations, and pencil life drawing and portraiture. In 1999, I studied New Media Studies at Vancouver Film School and subsequently worked as a new media artist and web designer before moving into academia. In 2018, I completed my PhD from the Institute for Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice at the University of British Columbia and am now a lecturer at Fairleigh Dickinson University where I teach about colonialism/imperialism, culture, slavery, gender, and social justice.

The exhibit works are part of a collection called "Aesthetics of Morality" in which painting is used as a methodology for navigating the complex ethical and emotional landscapes of inequality. These pieces are about my attempt to find rationale and emotional clarity as I bear witness to stories of broken morality in my academic work and personal life. Through the aesthetics of art, this collection represents a practice in seeing beyond narratives of suffering and victimhood to the beautiful possibilities of humanity.


July - August


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