All shows are at 8pm, unless otherwise indicated
SEASON 2013 - 2014
September 6 to September 29
Preview: Sep 5 ($10.00) Opening: Sep 6
Talkback: Sep 12

Matinées: Sep 15 & Sep 29 at 2pm (no evening performance)

Canadian Première
by Alan Bennett
directed by William B. Davis
Alan Bennett’s new play is as much about the theatre as it is about poetry or music.  It looks at the unsettling desires of two difficult men, and at the ethics of biography.  It reflects on growing old, on creativity and inspiration, and on persisting when all passion’s spent: ultimately, on the habit of art.  Benjamin Britten, sailing uncomfortably close to the wind with his new opera, Death in Venice, seeks advice from his former collaborator and friend W.H. Auden.  During this imagined meeting, their first for nearly twenty years, they are observed and interrupted by amongst others their future biographer and a young man from the local bus station. 
WARNING: Explicit sexual references

October 8 - 26
Tues - Sat: 8pm
Previews: October 4 & 5
MIDNIGHT (11:59pm) shows: Sat. Oct 12, Sat Oct 19 & Fri Oct 25

The biggest cult musical of all time arrives just in time for Halloween at the Jericho Arts Centre. Following on the heels of last year’s Little Shop of Horrors and previous hit Sweeney Todd, this sexy, dark, comedic and electrifying story gets the full FCP treatment as the audience will be put right in the middle of the action at the JAC. Watch out for flying toast and toilet paper! **Please note, prop bags will be on sale at the door**

November 8 to December 01
Preview: Nov 7 ($10.00) Opening: Nov 8
Talkback: Nov 14

Matinées: Nov 17 & Dec 01 at 2pm (no evening performance)

Canadian Première
by Ron Blicq
directed by Bernard Cuffling
Donald Barlow, who lives in Nottingham, England, decides to search for his father who was a visiting Canadian serviceman during World War II.  Donald engages a search agency to find his father.  But when the agency does find him the elderly man vehemently denies his involvement with Donald’s mother and refuses to meet the man who claims to be his son.  This play has a solid and engaging narrative.  How closure is finally achieved makes this a gripping drama of four generations and how the youngest can bring out the best in the oldest. 

December 2 - 7
Mon - Sat: 8pm
Half Price: Mon Dec 2 at 8pm
Matinée: Sat Dec 7 at 2pm

Written & Performed by James Brown & Jamesy Evans
Ringmaster: David Murray Smith
England’s critically acclaimed physical comedy duo lures you into their “delightfully bizarre” world with their innocence and “endearing chemistry.” Their respective idiosyncrasies and the peculiar formalities of their tea rituals bring vitality to the mundane, turning an ordinary tea party into a fantastic wonderland of stimulation and play.


January 3 - 12
Preview: January 2, Opening: January 3 (then Tue-Sun at 8pm, except January 12)
Matinées: January 4, 11 & 12 at 2pm
Talkback: January 8
Pay-as-you-can: Tuesday, January 7

Written and directed by Joan Bryans
Early 20th century. A poor cotton mill worker is great friends with the daughter of a Viceroy of India. An illiterate cockney housewife is teaching a Canadian university graduate, a young girl is being coached to convert British Columbia to the cause. Women carry hammers in their muffs. What is going on? War! But war waged as women want it waged. Called to battle by a diminutive, delicate lady, as battle scarred and hardened as any grunt, the front line of the militant suffragettes contained a motley bunch of women. Join them as they are swept up in the maelstrom that will alter their lives forever, cause governments to fall, and shape democracy for us all.


January 24 to February 16
Preview: Jan 23 ($10.00) Opening: Jan 24
Talkback: January 30

Matinées: Feb 2 & Feb 16 at 2pm (no evening performance)

by Lee Hall
directed by Jack Paterson
In 1934, a group of Ashington miners and a dental mechanic hired a professor from Newcastle University to teach an Art Appreciation evening class.  Unable to understand each other, they embarked on one of the most unusual experiments in British art as the pitmen learned to become painters.  Within a few years the most avant-garde artists became their friends, their work was taken for prestigious collections and they were celebrated throughout the British art world; but every day they worked, as before, down the mine.  A true story made into a heartwarming play.

March 4 to 14
Preview: March 3
Talkback: March 12

by John Gay
In David Newham's exciting adaptation of John Gay's classic script, the action is jam-packed into ten explosive 'fantasias' - each a unique, live theatrical music video - coming together to realize an opera distinctly for the modern age. Newham's direction celebrates the epic theatre of Bertolt Brecht and the abstract absurdity of Samuel Beckett. Daniel Deorksen's original musical score draws boldly on a range of styles, from the sublime tones of classic Jazz to a world of Tom Waits meets Frank Zappa and The Muppets. The music is performed live by Deorksen with a trio of musicians and the cast of 15 performers on a range of classical and modern instruments. The musical numbers are brought to life by renowned choreographer Catherine Burnett, whose cutting-edge style embraces Jerome Robbins and Pina Bausch with the light-heartedness of a Monty Python sketch.

March 28 to April 20
Preview: Mar 27 ($10.00) Opening: Mar 28
Talkback: Apr 3

Matinées: Apr 6 & Apr 20 at 2pm (no evening performance)

by Charles Dickens
adaptation by Simon Web
directed by Sarah Rodgers
Nell Trent, a child-orphan of thirteen, must take care of her ailing grandfather. Dragged into debt by his dissolute grandson, he has turned, as a last resort, to the trollish loan shark, Daniel Quilp - one of Dicken's most engagingly wicked and enduring characters. Despite being married, he has lecherous designs on several women, including Nell, and quickly takes charge of her grandfather's property - The Old Curiosity Shop itself. They are pursued by friend and foe - by Quilp and the dissolute grandson, after the fortune they believe the grandfather has secreted away; Dick Swiveller, the big-hearted loafer who becomes a rescuing hero; the irrepressible Kit Nubbles, hopelessly devoted to Nell; the mysterious Single Gentleman, who will restore the family fortunes. The Old Curiosity Shop is one of the biggest selling books of all time. Stuffed to capacity with danger, hope, laughter, tears and a deep faith in people's fundamental goodness, The Old Curiosity Shop is a Victorian Odyssey, a powerful affirmation of the power of love.

April 29 - May 17 Tue - Sun at 8pm
Previews: April 25 & 26 at 8pm Opening: April 29
Talkback: Wednesdays after the performance

The Tony Award-winning musical gets a new look and feel courtesy of Fighting Chance Productions. This coming of age story is as relevant as when the play was written over one hundred years ago. Don't miss this electrifying cast singing this fantastic music!

June 6 to June 29
Preview: Jun 5 ($10.00) Opening: Jun 6
Talkback: Jun 12

Matinées: Jun 15 & Jun 29 at 2pm (no evening performance)

by Pierre-Augustin de Beaumarchais
Adapted & directed by Adam Henderson
Sexual fun is at the heart of this comic masterpiece, which continues the jolly tale of the barber of Seville. The plot is elaborate and absurdly complex. It begins with The Count insisting on his right to sleep with his servant’s bride. But Figaro is a clever common man who uses his wits to overcome the aristocrats who press him down. The plot is pure romance. The true lovers must leap over obstacles planted by powerful enemies. Through a wild bouffe of disguises, hiding in chairs, bouncing on beds, mistaking identity, and inverting gender, Figaro’s wit and sparkling good humour are ultimately triumphant. The Marriage of Figaro by Beaumarchais was completed in 1782 but had to wait two years before its first performance at the Comédie Française. Louis XVI, said "For this play not to be a danger, first the Bastille would have to be torn down.  It is this play that started the French Revolution!